Jazz And Blues For Kids


More great jazz and blues songs for Grades 3-6 using many different elements: call-response, scat singing, improvisation, rhythm and blues, bossa nova, calypso, 5/4 time, 7/4 time, and syncopaiton. Orff arrangements and/or piano accompaniments are included for songs. Reproducible vocals and a perf/acc CD are included. This collection is suitable for the elementary choir or classroom.

Songs Include:

  • Wet Day Blues
  • Five Four Groove
  • Umbalayo
  • Synco-copation 
  • Seven
  • Swing Those Blues Away
  • Bossa Beat
  • Calypso
  • Backyard Blues
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CD Sample  Calypso
CD Sample  Five Four
CD Sample  Seven
CD Sample  Wet Day Blues

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