Rhythm Instrument Fun - Download

A collection of activities to get preschool - Grade 5 children playing, listening, creating and reading music using non-pitched percussion instruments.

Songs are included to teach instrument rules and classroom management when playing instruments.

Younger students will love the simple play alongs, and older students will enjoy relative note value activities with instruments (or tennis balls) and stick rhythms. Suggestions and reproducibles are included for assessment activities, and the recording (included) has both performance and accompaniment tracks.  Written by Denise Gagne

Let’s Get Started! 
• Play and Stop 
• Let’s Play Instruments 
• Play and Play and Stop 
• Ways to Play Instruments 
• Instrument Rules 
• Simon Says 
• Beat and Name Chants 
• Introducing Instrument Families 
• How to Play Rhythm Instruments 

Play and Sing 
• If You’re Happy 
• Let Everyone Play Sticks 

Instrument Families 
• Play, Play, Play Along 
• Play Along K-3 
• Sticks are Tapping

Listening Activities
• Who is Tapping? 
• What am I Tapping On? 
• What is in the Shakers? 
• Guess the Instrument 

Play Along 
• Play Along with Bach 
• Play Along with Handel 
• Play Along with Mozart 
• Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Rhythm Band, Scarves

Relative Note Values
• Relative Note Values-Large Notes
• St. Anne's Reels
• Surfin Rock
• Ramsey St. Blues
Note Switch Activities
• Piano Roll 
• Stick Notes

Stories - Add Sound Effects 
• Mortimer 
• Mmm Cookies
• Rain Rain Story
• Mr. Frog Story
• Bell Horses Story

Create and Play
• Copy What I'm Going to Play 
• Improvise and Copycat Game 
• Question and Answer 
• Hey! Hey! Rondo

• Rhythm Instrument Matching 
• Name the Instrument
• Which Instrument Did I Hear?
• Instrument Family Matching
• Rhythm Instrument Families

 CD Samples  Book Sample
 Play, Play, Play Along  Rhythm Instrument Fun
 Play and Stop  
 Let's Play Instruments  Projectable PDF
 Let Everyone Play Sticks               View PDF
 St. Anne's Reel  
Surfin Rock   
 Rain Rain  



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