Songs of Joy

Songs of Joy contains songs that you might use for performances on graduations, retirements, Thanksgiving, or for any performance in which you want to sing about making the world a better place. “Every Day I Will Sing” would be an excellent concert opener. It’s fast and fun, and with the key changes, builds to an exciting ending. The song “Joy” says “to feel the wind with thankful hands” - it’s a wonderful song for a Thanksgiving program. “It’s Never too Late to Follow Your Dream” is a thoughtful selection to use at a graduation or retirement. I love the song “Joy.” It makes me stop and think about everything that brings me joy each day.

Songs Include:

  • Every Day I Will Sing
  • It’s Never Too Late
  • A Piece of This World
  • Shine Like a Star
  • Take Time
  • Love Somebody
  • Joy
  • The Road Will Bring You Home
  • Farewell my Friend
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