Recorder Fingering Posters/Flashcards - Download


These posters would look great on a bulletin board or used as flashcards.  This kit includes 24 large (8.5 x 11) fingering charts and 20 note name flashcards (4.24 x 5.5) that can be used with any classroom recorder program. The flashcards feature Baroque and German fingerings for soprano or tenor recorders. 

The Fingering Charts are in ascending order beginning on middle C and continue to G’. Each Fingering Chart has the note name and the note placed on a staff.

The Note Name Flashcards have two sides. On one side of the flashcard there is a note on the treble staff and on the reverse side there is the same note with its letter name.

Activities, games, reproducible worksheets and a student fingering chart are included.

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