We Love to Move

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This is a collection of the favorite action songs and singing games from Musicplay for Kindergarten. This collection includes more than 25 songs and games that are easy and fun for your preschool and kindergarten students.  Includes Book & CD

Action Songs:
• Take my Little Car
• A Boy and a Girl in a Canoe
• Hey There Friend
• Five Green Men
• Penguin Polka
• Alice the Camel
• Andy Pandy
• Hey, Hey Look at Me
• Knees up Mother Brown
• Barnacle Bill

Singing Games:
• Bluebird Bluebird
• Ha Ha Thisaway
• Mr. Troll
• Willowbee
• Bubblegum

• Burnie Bee
• Fireman
• Chicamy Crow
• Curly Joe
• Kangaroo Song
• Fiddledeedee
• Four in a Boat
• Seesaw
• Grandma Moses
• Grumpy Grizzly
• Hickety Tickety
• Naughty Kitty Cat
• Old Mother Brown
• Old Mr. Rabbit
• On a Log
• Page’s Train
• Phoney Baloney
• Who Has the Pencil?

CD Sample  Penguin Polka

CD Sample  Page's Train

CD Sample  Days of the Week

CD Sample  Five Green Men

CD Sample  Take My Little Car
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