Singing Games Children Love Volume 4 - Download

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Singing Games Children Love Volume 4 has 40 singing games that children love to sing and play. Volume 4 includes games and activities for students in Grades 3-6. A variety of singing games and activities are included: traditional singing games from North America and from around the world, original singing games for special days, movement canons, and active rhythm games. The games are organized by melodic concept, making this a useful collection for the teacher looking for activities to reinforce student's music reading abilities.

This collection includes a PowerPoint with all the songs ready to project on your Smartboard or screen. The songs are indexed to make it easy to click to the specific song that you want to teach.

Songs Include:

Singing Games
  • Categories
  • Jolly Jolly Rhythm
  • Our Old Sow
  • Find the Basket
  • Pass the Pumpkin
  • Rhythms
  • Wallflowers
  • Billy Billy
  • Stella Ella Olla
  • Charlie the Monkeyman
  • Alabama Gal
  • Ma Ku Ay
  • Built My Lady
  • Biddy Biddy
  • Let’s Catch a Rooster
  • Toc, Toc, Toc
  • Cheki Morena
  • Four White Horses
  • J’entends le moulin
  • Loo La
  • Charley Marley
  • Chumbara
  • Old Maid
  • Waddaly Acha
  • I Let Her Go
  • Ball Gone Round
  • Dollar
  • Hanky Panky
  • Arupusu
  • Mi Gallo
  • Old Joe Clark
Movement Canons
  • Hineh Ma Tov
  • Clocks and Watches
  • Round and Round
  • Music Alone Shall Live
Rhythm Games
  • Hula Hoop Rhythm Game
  • Rhythm Race
  • Rhythm Fishpond
  • Rhythm Gossip
  • Musical Password
CD Sample  Alabama Gal
CD Sample  Arupusu
CD Sample  Pass the Pumpkin

Youtube Clips (Movies not included with book)


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