Custom Preschool Songbooks/CDs

Do you teach preschool music classes? Do you dislike being tied to any particular curriculum? Musicplay for Preschool offers preschool music teachers the option of a custom CD for your preschool students.  We have a huge library of recordings, with more than 1000 songs, multicultural music, fiddle tunes and classical music listening examples that are suitable for use in preschool music classes.

We’ve created a list of the top 150 preschool songs and we have a larger list of 600 songs available.  (This is the top 150 without the Alphabet Action Songs or many of our Christmas songs.) We have included on this list notes on what the song can be used for - games, teaching concepts, themes, etc.

We can make you a "custom" take-home CD for the students in your preschool using any of the songs on this list. You would have to narrow down your choices to a maximum of 25-30 songs so we can fit it on one CD.

CD only: $5 per CD. 
Book/CD: $10 per book/CD

To create custom CDs, we need a minimum order of 5. For Book/CDs minimum 10. If there is a song on our website (we have audio clips of many songs) that you'd like, that we don't have on this list, just ask - if we have permissions to use it, we can include it.

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