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MusicplayOnline includes everything that is in Musicplay Digital Resources, plus
many more interactive activities!

700+ songs are given as movies:  lyrics, notation, and kids demos

Search for songs by keyword (ie. graduation), tone set (high do) or rhythm

• Solfa note name challenges and letter note challenges for all reading songs

Pop quizzes to teach, reinforce and assess note names, terms and symbols

Games to teach concepts: beat/no beat, beat/rhythm, major/minor, smooth/separated, high/low, loud/quiet, note names

Solfa Practice movies: sm, lsm, smd, mrd, ls mrd 

Echo the flashcard, poison melody game, sing from handsigns, sing from notation, sing in solfa the pattern that you hear, assessment

Rhythm Practice Movies: echo, poison rhythm, read patterns, clap what you hear, rhythm dictation

Interactive beat and rhythm activities for all K reading songs and some Grade 1 reading songs

Listening - Activities from Listening Kit 1 are now posted:   listening maps, concepts, composer movies, movement, and play along

Ukulele tuners and 30+ ukulele songs to play!  

• Recorder program is online with 38 songs in Level 1 and 24 songs in Level 2! 

Interactive Xylophone to show what bars to take off when teaching Orff arrangements

Form Tool - show the form for any song or composition

Listening 1 with 43 listening selections with many activities for each

Staff Tool to notate short melodies on 1, 2, 3 and 5 line staff

Rhythm Composition Tool to create 8 and 16 beat rhythm compositions

Note Highlight movies for K reading songs - show which note is being sung

Types of Voices activity to teach timbre of voices:  sing, speak, shout, whisper, think

Show How the Melody Goes - a pre-notation activity for reading songs in Gr. 1

Choose Ways to Move - a movement word wall

Dance and Theory sections are still in development

PreK Part 1 is now online!

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